Product Spotlights

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AMDi is now shipping their new communication device Let’s Speak 6 & 24 

Attainment Company announces the release of the New Go Talk 9+ Lite Touch. This new model is 5x easier to activate than the classic GoTalks.

Ablenet announces the release of  the new Big Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch. It is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch from the user to activate. Simply wave a hand or move your body within 1 inch of the switch to activate or use a light touch if preferred. New features include larger activation area, an auditory beep and visual feedback that can be turned on or off, internal magnet and two threaded inserts to aid with mounting and includes a replaceable CR2430 battery.

The BIGmack is one of the most widely known and used single message communication solutions. The BIGmack and its counterpart, the LITTLEmack both play a single communication message and are switch accessible for users who need an alternative method of activation.

For many therapists and users, the BIGmack is often the starting point for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). The BIGmack can be used to make requests, participate in educational activities, and much more. 101 use ideas for BigMack

The BIG Step-by-Step and LITTLE Step-by-Step communication devices give the user the opportunity to communicate with a series of messages. Sequential message communication can be used to count, tell a story, have a conversation, and much more. 101 use ideas for Little Step by Step with levels