Freedom Scientific Products

Some examples of products by Freedom Scientific we offer discounts on. Please check with us about any additional products not listed here you are looking for.

Eye-Pal Ace
Eye-Pal Ace Plus
Eye-Pal Reader
Eye-Pal SOLO
Eye-Pal Vision
Magic Large Print Keyboard
MAGic Screen Magnification Software
ONYX Desktop HD
ONYX OCR Portable Video Magnifier with Speech
ONYX Portable HD Video Magnifier
PEARL Portable Reading Camera
Ruby Handheld Video Magnifier
Ruby HD Handheld Video Magnifier
Ruby XL HD 5″ Handheld Video Magnifier
Ruby 7″ HD Magnifier
SARA Scanning and reading Appliances
TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifier
TOPAZ EZ HD Desktop Video Magnifier
TOPAZ HD Desktop Video Magnifier
TOPAZ PHD 12″ LCD Portable Video Magnifier
WYNN Reader
WYNN Wizard